Jewish Orthodox 

Wedding Package

pd 150.BMP

        $1,300  Single camera

        $1,700  2 cameras limited footage

        $2,200  2 cameras *  no time limits (see description below)

   All  cameras are 3 chip professional quality                                                
   *  up to 10 copies on DVD ;

   *  1 copy of the ‘raw unedited video’ on  DVD ;

   *  small cameras for an unobtrusive style ;

*  woman  to tape  the women's side dancing  available

   *  live internet broadcast for world-wide viewing available (price to be determined) ;

extensive special effects in the edited  copy ;
Conditions of  'no time limits':  I will be there from the time the portraits start being photographed,
until the Kalah and Choson leave the building or leave the hall at the end of the night. 

Mitzvah dance (single camera) is $300 extra (for video-taping, light-editing and several copies)