The photographer sold you a package deal.
For example:
One or two big albums with maybe 50 or 100 8" by 10" pictures.
Then, one or a few more albums with smaller and fewer pictures.

The photographer, having much experience in shooting similar events and having many customers, already knows which pictures YOU will choose to go in to the albums. The photographer knows which pictures you will buy. The photographer will NOT shoot other pictures that you will not buy.

The photographer will NOT shoot many pictures of :
The kids playing
The grandparent playing with the kids
The baby asleep in the grandparent's arms while a wedding is taking place.
The bride/groom/parent/friend running to great/hug/kiss and old friend or family member that has not been seen in a long time.
EVERY SINGLE PERSON the bride/groom dances with.
The decorations you took hours or days to prepare
The food you ordered
The flowers you purchased
It is simply not practical and efficient for the photographer to do so.

This is where the experienced video producer completes your event. Video is a totally different medium that simply by its nature, affords to get ALL of what the photographer CAN NOT photograph. VIDEO is IMAGE over TIME with SOUND.

The photographer can NEVER:
Let you hear your friends and relatives wish you well or happy…..
Let you hear the music you are dancing to
Let you hear the laughter of the kids playing or interacting with the grandparents
Let you hear the blessings offered to you.
Let you hear your loved one saying “I love you” to you.
Let you hear an honored guest or family member singing for you.

The photographer CAN NOT:
Show you the fancy dance moves your friends and relatives are doing FOR YOU!
Show you doing a dance you been practicing for days/weeks/months
to do at your event.
Show you your friend or family member sitting in with the band and playing an instrument for you at your event.
Show you your friend or relative juggling or performing some kind of act that is totally hilarious